Heat / Thermal Insulation Coating

heat insulation coating
Heat / Thermal Insulation Coating
Heat Insulation Coating is a high-performance heat insulation surface coating. Heat Insulation Coating promises to reduce transfer of heat from outside to inside and makes the house, working place comfortable by keeping them cool in summer. HIC (Heat Insulation Coating) can drastically reduce the energy consumption and cost required for cooling a home, warehouse, metal building, industrial or commercial structure by keeping the interior cooler by at least 10 degrees Celsius. Heat Insulation Coating can prevent more than 90% of solar radiation from being absorbed in to the structure thus providing protection against thermal shocking, lengthening the life-span of buildings.

- Two-in-one benefits: In addition to heat insulation, Heat Insulation Coating’s unique proposition is that it offers dual benefits for the price of one with HIC also gets the added benefit of water proofing. For an asbestos surface, it will guarantee an enhanced longer life and for a metal surface, HIC offers an additional benefit of protection from corrosion.

- Cost reduction through energy conservation: In the scorching sun, Heat Insulation Coating gives the much-needed cooling effect. Unlike conventional systems like fiberglass, foam or other reflective coatings, Heat Insulation Coating does not just slow the rate of heat transfer but is effective in completely stopping it. Hence, thanks to a cooler exterior surface, the running cost of air conditioners is considerably reduced, resulting in a drop in electricity bills. Thus HIC is a boon for electricity conservation as well.

- Ease of maintenance: A surface coated with Heat Insulation Coating hardly requires any maintenance. With no additional need for water-proofing and anti-corrosion treatment, the recurring costs are significantly reduced. Moreover the cost of employing labour for regular maintenance is completely eliminated. Since HIC also increases the life of the coated surface there is no need for repeatedly refurbishing a coated surface. Thus HIC provides an overall reduction maintenance costs.


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