Waterproofing Chemical

SBR Latex for Waterproofing
SBR LATEX is an emulsion of single component styrene butadiene co-polymer based latex specially developed to improve the properties of cementitious compositions.

SBR LATEX when used in combination with standard quality of ordinary portland cement, it enhances the mechanical properties such as bonding (adhesion) with various building materials, flexurals, compression and impact strength.

SBR LATEX improves the thin section fragility of cement when used as coating.

Product Data:

Appearance / Colour : White (milky) liquid

- Storage Conditions / Shelf Life : 12 months from date of production if stored in undamaged and unopened, original sealed packaging, in dry conditions and protected from direct sunlight. Protect from frost.

Technical Data:

- Chemical Base : Styrene butadiene rubber emulsion.


- Increases flexural and tensile strength
- Compressive strength is comparable with concrete.
- Reduced shrinkage, water permeability.
- Good bonding between old & new concrete.
- High strength mortar with good resilience
- Durable structural repairs, restoration & waterproofing Improved abrasion resistant flooring.

Direction for use:

- SBR LATEX is first separately diluted with water by adding water to SBR-Latex. The diluted SBR-Latex is then added into the mixture & homogenised.


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