Raw Chemical

Sodium Silicate Liquid
We are one of the largest sodium silicate manufecture in india.

it is our by product, so we can give it to a very competitive rates.

we have special processing plant to pure it and to maintain the quality od SSL.

It is inorganic chemical and find wide area of application


1 Electronic Sector
2 Paint & Coating
3 Metal Processsing
4 Waste Water Treatment
5 Acid Proof Cement Binder
6 Fire Protection
7 Refrectories
8 Soap & DEtergent Industry
9 Manufecturing of Sodium Meta Silicate
10 Manufecturing of Adhesives

It is also known as water glass or Liquid glass.


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    Nr. Ritanagar, Vastral, Ahmedabad,
  • +91 87582 12626
  • www.madhurconchem.com

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