Waterproofing Chemical

Water Repellent Additive
The Madhureppel water-repellent admixture system is made up of three individually formulated, polymeric additives:

- Madhureppel -208 is a liquid water-repellent and efflorescence control admixture that is specially formulated for use in the manufacture of concrete masonry units (CMUs) as well as other "dry cast" concrete products. Madhureppel water-repellent admxiture is integrally mixed into CMUs during manufacturing at the block plant.

- Madhureppel -209 Mortar Admixture is a liquid water-repellent admixture for masonry mortar. It is integrally mixed into masonry mortar at the job site prior to concrete masonry wall construction.

- Madhureppel -210 is a highly efficient powdered water-repellent admixture for use in producing integral water-repellent masonry mortar. The Madhureppel -210 water-repellent admixture system should be specified whenever water-repellent concrete masonry is desired.

- The System is able to improve the quality, value, and overall aesthetics of concrete masonry construction through its several inherent benefits:
- Optimizes overall water-repellent properties
- Maintains excellent wind-driven rain resistance
- Provides lasting protection from moisture damage without the use of exterior post-applied sealers
- Enhances color intensity and uniformity
- Reduces the potential for efflorescence
- Improves the texture and consistency of manufactured concrete products
- Increases the coverage rate of post-applied paints and coatings


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