JOHNBERG Resin workshop at 2 levels

Crystal clear epoxy is an unmodified liquid epoxy resin with medium viscosity produced from bisphenol-A and epichlorohydrin. This is a standard liquid epoxy resin and a wide variety of curing agents are available to cure this liquid epoxy resin at ambient conditions and also at elevated temperature. When cured with appropriate hardener, gives excellent mechanical, chemical, electrical and adhesion properties. Because of these properties it finds use in various applications.

Resin Advanced

In this workshop one is taught techniques to make use of resin concepts and create ocean pour lacing and geode. Prerequisite of advanced is participant must have attended beginners workshop or have knowledge of resin usage.

Resin for Beginners

In this workshop one is taught about the nature of chemical, how to mix in the right proportion , what surfaces to use , from where to procure materials and most importantly how to use it safely. Resin on Tray and Coaster will taught.

Here you Will be Learning

1. Types of resin
2. Selection of resin
3. Proper mixing
4. Tips & trick of resin
5. Setting time of resin
6. How to pour in mould & on mdf
7. Hoe to get glossy finish
8. Proper cell formation
9. Correct time of pouring resin