Product Description

Johnberg tile cleaner is a safe and easy to use cleaner for all ceramic, porcelain, vinyl, laminate & sealed natural stone floors. Safe for all surfaces. JOHNBERG Tile Cleaner prevents soiling and stubborn stains. Keeping the floor clean will increase the lifespan of the floor. JOHNBERG Tile Cleaner will not attack the protective surface on laminates or the sealer on a sealed floor. JOHNBERG Tile Cleaner has a pleasant clean fragrance.


JOHNBERG Tile Cleaner is safe to use on all laminates, sealed wooden floors, ceramic, porcelain, vinyl and sealed natural stone floors & mos other surfaces.


Do not wet or flood the floor with water. Use only as much as is necessary to wipe the floor. There should be no visible water on the surface of the floor after wiping. Avoid contact with absorbent materials such as carpets, curtains and cloth furniture.