Product Description

We are providing complate range of products consulatancy for construction chemical sagment. We provide latest technologies to manufacture range of products. We also manufacture construction chemicals so we have a deep knowlagde to manufacture such products.

Our Range Of Products in which we are doing consulantancy

1. Tile Adhesives

Tile on Tile adhesive Heavy StoneTile Adhesive Tile Grout Tile Adhesive in paste foam Marble Tile Adhesive Glass mosaic Adhesive

2. Waterproofing system

Integral waterproofing chemical Super Plasticizers Ligno, Melamine, PCE OBR Latex based waterproofing Acrylic base waterproofing chemical Heat insulation coatings Admixtures for Ready Mix Concrete plant Paver Block Hardener, Paver Block Lacquer,

3. Epoxy & Pu Flooring

Self levelling epoxy flooring Epoxy coving Epoxy coating Anti corrosive coating polyurethane flooring

4. Admixure

5. Epoxy Grout

Ordinary epoxy grout Dazzle epoxy grout Metallic epoxy grout Night vision epoxy grout 2 part & 3 part epoxy grout epoxy grout filler

6. Sealants

Acrylic sealant polysulphide sealant silicon sealant

7. Paver Block Hardner

8. Block Jointing Mortar

9. Ready Mix Mortar

10. Different Grades Of Epoxy Resin System

11. Waterbase Adhesive