Epoxy Coating


Solvent Free High Build Epoxy Coating

To provide a tough, hard wearing, easily cleaned surface in industrial environments where a degree of higher resistance to load & chemical attack is required. It is suitable for use in workshops, production and processing areas, dairies, soft drinks and bottling plants, breweries, kitchens any floor areas subject to wet working and possible chemical spillage.

Storage and Shelf Life

Epoxy flooring has a shelf life of 12 months when stored in normal dry conditions.

Product Features

Hard wearing-durable with low maintanance costs
Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and liquids
Easily cleaned
Provides a high gloss finish
Conforms to the overall migration standards laid down in 21
CFR 157-300 of US - FDA certified by CFTRI.
Physical Properties
Selflevelling : @27+1C
Pot Life : 30 minutes
Time between coats : 8 - 24 hours
Walkability : 24 hours
Full Cure : 7 days
Dry film thickness : 200 microns per coat
for two or more coats

Coverage Estimates

Pack Size Coverage
6kg 15 - 20m Per Pack Per Coat at microns per coat


These figures are theoretical, due to wastage and the variety and nature of substrates practical coverage figures may be reduced.