Product Description

JOHNBERG EXPANSION JOINT SEALANT is a polysulphide based general-purpose, paintable sealant that is used for caulking, grouting, jointing and embedding in building construction. It is easy to apply and compatible with most materials used in construction e.g. concrete, wood, brick, natural and artificial stone, metal and sanitary-ware. JOHNBERG EXPANSION JOINT is flexible and resists cracking, giving a smooth finish that is suitable for interior and exterior use. JOHNBERG EXPANSION JOINT has a VOC of 138g/L.


JOHNBERG EXPANSION JOINT is ideal for sealing low movement joints, as a flexible crack filler before painting jobs, for sealing construction frameworks e.g. between window and door frames and walls. Also suitable as an adhesive for bonding.


JOHNBERG EXPANSION JOINT exhibits good primerless adhesion to concrete, plaster, brick, stone, masonry, aluminium, glazed tiles, metals, painted surfaces, coated or uncoated wood and some plastics. If there is any uncertainty regarding the application, adhesion tests should be carried out.