Products Description

Epoxy Tile Grout is a three component system based on specially formulated epoxy resins and hardeners, especially for use in applications of ceramic tile, vitrified tile and stone.


Fast setting, Very good strength properties Negligible shrinkage, Stain and Solvent free, Ease of installation


Epoxy Tile Grout- 1, 5 KG


Immediately after application of Epoxy Tile Grout, Clean the tools, Equipment and the mixing container using Thinner Otherwise, Removal of dried / Hardened Materialist to Clean.


Depends on the tile size and width of joint between tiles. Material requirement calculation : in Kg/sq.m (tile length + Tile Breadth) X Tile thickness X Joint Width X 2.1 = kg/sq.m (Tile Length + Joint Width) X (Tile Breadth + Joint Width)


Preparation of mortar: Mortar is prepared by mixing the base, hardener and filler given as a convenient single unit. Empty the entire contents of base and hardener into a clean vessel and mix thoroughly till both the liquids are completely blended. To this add the colored filler material and mix till a lump free uniform paste is obtained. Mix the filler to the extent to make a stiff paste to work into the joints. Application: Immediately pour the entire contents onto the working area. Use a plastic sheet as a drop cloth. Use standard epoxy grouting techniques to work the tile grout in the tile joints. Ensure that the entire joint is packed fully with the material. Remove the excess material from the joints before the material starts setting.

Health & Safety

Epoxy Tile Grout contains organic resins, hardener and other filler materials which may cause sensitization by skin contact. Avoid contact with skin and eyes and inhalation of vapour. In case of contact, wash liberally with water and seek medical advice, if required. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and goggles while handling.